Luxury Hotels in Lombok

Located in an island in the West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia, Lombok is luring tourists with its pristine beauty. The emergence of new and comfortable hotels in Lombok is another thing which is appealing travelers to reach this place and spend a luxury vacation. Indonesia offers all kinds of hotels and resorts for both leisure and business travelers. Upon Lombok there are a few specific rules that visitors should be certain to know about and try follow, such as not handing over anything to an Indonesian with your left. So no need to get to uptight, the Lombok people are generally speaking quite relaxed, then when they see that you show an interest in their culture, and particularly if you’re willing to find out about it, you can meet great people who find themselves more than happy to show you what Lombok and is actually culture are generally about!.

Covered by the shadow of Bali, Lombok is less developed and therefore less crowded compared to Bali, however, it term of holiday facilities, it has anything needed including five-star resort hotels. If Bali has Gitgit Waterfall, Lombok has Sindang Gile, If Bali has ayam betutu, Lombok has ayam taliwang. There are many activities to do on the island of Lombok. You can even go camping and view some of the natural animals and vegetation.The major city of Senggigi holds plenty of local nightlight filled with many dining establishments and dining restaurants. This is your chance to see animals in their natural habitat that you would normally see in a zoo.

Just about all large hotels and restaurants will automatically add a service charge of between 5 – 10 percent to your bill which is quite sufficient. Smaller sized restaurants generally don’t add anything extra, but given that the waiter’s wage could be less than $1. 00 each day – a suggestion of 5 – twelve percent is certainly much appreciated.¬†Apart from the popular attractions discussed above, a stay in Lombok offers excellent opportunities for activities such as partying, shopping and dining, scuba diving and other water sports, night time entertainment, sports activities, and relaxation in spas and massage bars. Lombok Raya Hotel¬† Offering a first-class experience all the way for the business or leisure traveller is The Lombok Raya Hotel , located in the most prestigious residential area in Lombok. The luxury hotel features a yoga studio, five spa treatment rooms, a sleek rooftop pool, and a sophisticated restaurant serving Indonesian cuisine. With the luxury hotels in Indonesia, you are presented with either a luxurious traditional Indonesian atmosphere, the utmost modern feel, or a wonderful mix of both.

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